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Using maths to solve real world problems

Numeracy is an important part of learning and essential for students if they are to become successful at school and in life beyond school. 

Bamaga classroom Bamaga classroom

Numeracy involves students recognising and understanding the role of mathematics in the world around them and applying their mathematical knowledge and skills to solve real world problems.

The Australian Curriculum groups mathematical skills and knowledge into three strands:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

Throughout their education, students develop skills in mathematical: understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning and apply these in order to solve increasingly complex problems.

Learning mathematics creates opportunities and enriches the lives of all students.  You can help to support your child in developing their numeracy skills.  Start by discussing with your children the ways that you use mathematics in your everyday life; from measuring the ingredients for a recipe, to balancing the family budget.

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