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Financial literacy is an essential life skill

Historically, some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have not  emphasised consumer and financial literacy skills. There are many reasons for this such as the tradition of families to share their wealth with relatives.

Low financial literacy is causing real problems for many of these communities as their members now live in a society where these skills are essential for economic survival.

The Milba Djunga website has been specifically developed to help the teachers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to teach consumer and financial literacy.

Milbadjunga is a Yidinji word (spoken in the Yarrabah community) meaning 'smart money'. Although this word has no relevance in other Aboriginal communities, its use is an acknowledgement of the origins of the content of the website, which is based on the work of teacher Pauline Kent in Yarrabah, an Aboriginal community near Cairns in North Queensland.

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